The Origin Story of Andy Macklinski

The year was 2020. All around young Andrew MacDonald, age 20, society itself appeared to be crumbling before his very eyes. It was as if time had stopped. For Andrew, this was the unexpected pandemic that he didn’t know he needed.

Andrew MacDonald
Pictured: Andrew MacDonald

Before this, he had been working two jobs, as well as being a full time HCC student. Often, every waking hour of the week would be spent either working or in school. He felt as if he was in a rut in his life, heading in no direction.

He was excited to spend some time off during Spring break, when suddenly, all of his responsibilities ceased. He would never return to campus or his job ever again. His other job would reopen “soon” (turned out to be in November). And now, what? He had the break he wanted, but what after this? Go back to working without a career path? No!

After several months of contemplation, and unemployment, the rebirth of Andrew had occured. Adopting the name Andy Macklinsi, he would move to California after the pandemic and begin working in Hollywood. As a life long movie fan, his dream was to write and direct. He always saw it as a pipe dream, but now, he figured, why the hell not? There was nothing stopping him!

Pictured: “Andy Macklinski” :-)

He also noticed weight gain during his isolation. For the first time in his life, he committed to regular exercise. Since, he has been making great progress toward the six pack. This has actually drastically improved his confidence and social presence. Feeling good about one’s self is the first step to everything in life!

When the HCC semester began, he changed his major to CMTA. All that’s left is to finish his final semester and begin his new life in the Hollywood Hills!



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